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My question is, do I have to connect the power input harness for the Icon II sidemount to the same battery used to start the outboard or can I connect it to the house/accessory  bank?
My boat has two batteries in parallel for the house/accessories and a dedicated starting battery which is isolated from the house. Both banks are switched on by one dual circuit switch.  The reason we isolated the starting battery was because our electronics would shut down and restart when we started the old engine after sitting on anchor for several hours and had bait pumps and sounder running. We were told that the power surge from low voltage to high voltage, after the alternator kicked in, could damage our electronics. I need some sound advise as to which battery to hook up to. I have purchased the evinrude battery cable harness with the factory plug for the Icon  that goes to the starting battery. 

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Icon II control power must be connected to the starting battery.

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Originally Posted by heyguy
"The accessory charging kit must never be connected to any battery of a 24 volt electrical system"

Can the main(starting battery) charging cable be connected to a 24V system or is it just meant for one 12v battery?

Actually it can be used to chage a 24V system.  There is a solid state electrical device made specifically for this.  It is made by Yandina and called TROLLBRIDGE24 - 12 TO 24 VOLT BATTERY CHARGER/COMBINER.  Here is the link:  They also make lots of other very cool products; battery combiners, battery isolators, etc.  Go to their website to see how it works, but basically it charges both house batteries unless there is a 24V load like a 24V or 36V trolling motor or a 24V electric reel.  It switches back and forth automatically.  When my electric reel is reeling in (or when the trolling motor is charging) the Trollbridge is putting out 24V and neither battery is being charged.  When the reel is off or when the trolling motor is fully charged (either by the alternator or a charger plugged into 120VAC at home) the trollbridge automatically switches back to charging both house batteries at 12V each). Pure genious!  

The best part is it has a life-time warranty.  Also, it is made in the good ol' USA and Yandina has tremendous technical support.   I bought one about 15 years ago.  Last month it failed.  They gave me some ways to test to verify it was really failed.  Based on my testing they said send it back (I paid $6 in shipping).  Less than a week later I received a brandy new one and they paid shipping.  

I have nothing but great things to say about this company.  If you have any questions contact Anne Marie at tech support.  She is brilliant (I am an electrical engineer) but can explain things in layman's terms.


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Originally Posted by SkipJack24open I have to connect the power input harness for the Icon II sidemount to the same battery used to start the outboard...?

That is the recommendation of Evinrude.

Your reasons to not want to follow it are valid.

Evinrude will have to explain their thinking behind their recommendation. I don’t know why they recommend that power wiring, and I can only speculate their motivation.

Make your own EV-Diagnostics cable.

I am currently sold out of EV-Diagnostic cables. 
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