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When did they correct the water pump issues in the 25 & 30's ?
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With this Service Bulletin but you must follow the instructions to the letter. Do not omit any steps.

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BayouKid - See Post #10 for the link to the SB.  July 2012...  It does often pay to read the whole thread.  Your "AF" model should be good for that, but not sure on any other updates.  [wink]


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When servicing any ETEC 15, 25 or 30 HP be sure to install Water Pump Kit # 5008972 or Water Pump Impeller #5009588 (Impeller & Key), #5008968 (Impeller, Key & Springs) or #5009589 (Impeller, Key & Springs

Use improved water pump impeller cup
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I definitely appreciate the advice (dispensed by you) ; however , after discussing the issue with the local "BRP-mechanic" (again) and researching Service-Bulletins I arrived at the conclusion that I INDEED only needed to replace the impeller (after checking for additional flaws) . --- Service-Bulletin #5008968 states : 2011 and newer models = Install only the impeller-assembly . Discard the springs . --- My engine was made in 06/2014 ! --- It further states : 2010 and older models require WP #P/N5008972 including the springs . --- SOOOO , --- since my engine seems to operate flawlessly (now) everything appears to be in order . --- Should it be necessary to replace the impeller again after a reasonable amount of time I will certainly substitute the current liner with the improved-one (P/N360633) . --- It still "baffles" me WHY a mechanical-engineer DID design the liner (cup) with sharp (wear-inducing) edges (to begin with) . --- Ignorant or non-caring ? ---                                                                                             BUT ,,,,,, , YOOOO-HOOOO E-TEC ! --- One pull (with one Hand) = putt-putt-putt …. = every-time (primed) . --- CHEERS !
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I could never pull my 2012 25 one-handed! I had to stand, brace my foot where the transom met the bottom, and yank. It did start on the first pull which made it OK. After awhile I learned to give the starter a quick pull and release and never looked back BUT I could never do it sitting down or one handed. [nono] Kudos! Even though our 2012 model fell outside the parameters listed I changed everything. The removed springs were different from the replacements so I replaced springs, thermostat, water pressure valve whatever and never had an issue since. I hope you have the same experience. That said, back in the day OMC’s water pumps were the benchmark of design and outperformed all other systems. Where BRP dropped the ball I don’t know but this water pump issue is serious enough to be a recall in my humble opinion. Our’s failed at 20 hours! 
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