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I was replacing the water pump on my 2012 ETEC 30 E30DRSLINC and accidently pulled the water tube lose from the top.  How do I get it back in place?  Do I need to dissemble the intermediate section to get it back in?


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Find the hole and stuff it back in.
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I fiddled with it for about an hour.  I do have a service manual.  From the drawings it looks like the tube has a 90 degree bend at the top and if I am looking at it right, I have to shove it into that rubber grommet by forcing it to the right at the top as I am facing the back of the engine.  

I'm not even sure I have the tube turned the right way.  I can't see the top of the tube to see which way the bend goes.  Again, looking at the drawing, it looks like if I orient the tube so that the lower bend in the tube bends away from me as it goes up then the bend at the top should be on the right.  

Anyway, I am sure it is hard to interpret what I am writing.  If anyone knows any tricks I would appreciate them.  Otherwise, I am probably better off taking the powerhead off so that I can see what I am doing.  If I did that right away, I would probably have it done by now with all the time I have fiddled with it. 
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