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Hi all, sorry I have seen many posts around this but there seems to be some conflicting information.  I am trying to confirm which pressure transducer I need.  I have found some saying the 5008300 and some saying there is a difference depending on the year/speed.

I have asked a couple of dealers here in Australia with no response.

It seems there is the 30psi (5008300) and then the 60psi 5008640 which has been superseded by the 5011305?

I have seen it mentioned that later than 2012 use the 60psi unit.  

Will either work ok if you are under 55mph?  

My engine details are (year on the plate is 11/2013)

Engine Serial Number5395334  
Engine Model NumberE200DPXABA  
Appreciate any help here.

Thanks in advance!


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