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I have a 2016, 90 etec, water got in the primary filter engine shut down. Replaced both filters but the motor will not start. How do you get all the water out after the in-line filter under the cowling? The motor hits, but will not stay running.

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By disconnecting the fuel return from the injectors to the vst. FYI-there is no such animal as a 2016. Year models disappeared after 2012.
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Welcome to the forum. One rule of this forum is to post model and serial numbers. Please edit your post accordingly.

You need to flush this water ASAP. If you can get your hands on a manual that would help.

If this happened to me I would do the following:

Mix a gallon of regular gas with 50:1 non synthetic TCW3 and a good dose of marine fuel stabilizer. This is one case where I would actually buy 10% ethonol gas because the alcohol will absorb the water. Find a way to feed it directly to your motor.

Drain the VST tank completely at the lower shrader valve. You’ll likely need to open the top one too to vent properly.

Remove the connection to the VST tank from low lift pump and prime the fuel bulb until you see coloured 50:1 blue premix being pumped through it.

Re-attach this connection to the VST and prime the bulb until the VST tank is full.

There is an injector feed line that runs from the electric high pressure fuel pump to the injectors, and a return line that comes back to the VST. On mine it is at the bottom. Where this return line is, there is a little VST (cone) filter. Remove it, inspect for particles, and clean out with solvent.

With the VST tank full of 50:1 fuel, run the electric high pressure pump and catch the water laden gas returning from the injectors. Do this until you see blue 50:1 pre-mix. I don’t know how much volume will come back - you may need to prime the bulb to keep the VST tank full. ***EDIT: after reading Oly’s post this makes sense. You should be able to pump fuel through the whole fuel system by pumping the primer bulb, avoiding the need to run the HP pump END EDIT***

Reconnect this return line from the injectors, prime the VST again a final time and attempt to start your engine. The only thing you will have not flushed is the injectors themselves. If you don’t find rust or a clogged VST filter I would try to run it. If it starts up and runs ok and suffers no loss of performance I would continue to run a 50-1 TCW3 mix for while but switchin back over to ethonol free fuel if possible.

If at any moment in this discovery, you find a lot of rust or have poor performance after it has fired up, you may have a lean condition due to damaged injectors. If you run on a lean condition, YOU WILL END UP with a rebuild project or a parts engine.

Finally, you need to find out how the water got into your fuel delivery system in the first place and fix that. Hopefully you are running an onboard aftermarket water fuel separator - you need to be. In the meantime use a portable known good tank with clean water free gas.

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I bought this motor new in 2016, hope it’s not hurt. I am not at home right now and will get the numbers when I get home. I’m taking it to the dealer Tuesday. The motor color is red and white, thought it was a 2016 model year since that is when it was purchased.

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Kind'a like cars and trucks though.  Pretty soon we can purchase a 2020.  The Model Number off the motor plate is most important. and sometimes the Serial Number from the same plate.

Good luck with it! (and find out where the water is getting in, as 2004etec90 said.)


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