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After running out of fuel (about 2 minutes from the marina!) once when my i-commands were telling me i had 30 litres left, i've done some reconfiguring. Old school gage running on tank sender and swapped the fuel source on the i-commands from the fluid level sensor to the engine fuel flow. (swapped the fluid level sensor behind the dash for a fuel manager)
Told the i command the tank was full and all appeared good. But, my left i-command says FUL:L 0%, the right one says Vs Fu Lev 100%.
If I scroll through different pages they both say fuel remaining 110 litres (full) 

Can't find anything in the User's Guide or on Google about "Vs Fu Lev" The manual says FUL:L is fuel level but there's no mention of Vs Fu Lev.

Anyone know what's going on? Or what Vs Fu Lev means?

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A guess: perhaps  Vs Fu Lev means "Visual Fuel Level" in units of 0 to 100.

Because as percent symbol is display, suspect that the "Vs" is intended to indicate that the level is being shown as a percentage of the tank capacity. 

A search of acronym meanings for "VS" found "vertical scale" as one possible interpretation.

Q: what language choice was used for gauge configuration?

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I'm assuming English was chosen as the language for gauge configuration.

Both gauges are displaying their respective amounts as a percentage. 

I tried deleting the page displaying empty fuel then opening a new one but the only choice it gave was FUL:L and not the other one .................

I guess it won't be too bad as long as i remember which one's which. (and that Vs Fu Lev does actually go down, correctly,  with the fuel level)
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