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Is replacing the temp sensor a DIY job? I have them ordered and going to attempt. Anything I should be aware of?


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IF you are talking about the temp sender in either cylinder head, here is the latest procedure.

V-models: Service temperature sensors on both

cylinder heads.

Use one of the following compounds:

• Heat Sink Compound 2 oz., P/N 354170

• Radio Shack® Heat Sink Grease,

P/N 276-1372

• Heat Sink Compound 5 oz., P/N 322170

Loosen sensor and remove by hand. DO NOT use

socket to remove, threads could break.

Remove temperature sensor. Clean gasket sealing

compound from threads of sensor. Clean thermal

compound from sensor and sensor cavity.

Fill bottom of sensor cavity with 0.7 cc of heat sink

compound. Sensor cavity should be filled to 1 inch

(25 mm) below the top edge of the cavity.


Install sensor. Do NOT use gasket sealing compound

on threads. SLOWLY tighten temperature

sensor to a torque of 50 to 70 in. lbs. (5.6 to 8.0


Wait 10 minutes for trapped air to bleed from cavity.

Heat sink compound may also seep past

threads. Retighten temperature sensor to 50 to 70

in. lbs. (5.6 to 8.0 N·m).

...possessing more tools than talent !

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Thank you for this tip, it resolved an occasional stall when returning to idle after a cruise. The heat sink compound was the ticket. The local dealer in Ocean City NJ was not aware, they just use Triple Guard grease, which does not serve the same purpose!

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With RADIO SHACK closing almost all stores, they are no longer a particularly good vendor for obtaining the recommended heat sink compound. An alternative might be

CAIG HSC67 Silicone Heat Sink Compound


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