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1st post- Been researching my issue for a few days. Purchased my boat 1.5 years ago (40 hours), has 2011 Evindrude etc 115 HP, probably has 120 hours.  Im old school so this new motor type has me questioning my self. 

Recently the high temp alarm start going off a couple of weeks ago at higher RPMs. It slows down and after about 10 secs alarm/light goes off. My water pressure gauge seems to be working and i can see water coming out the back of motor, my experience if your impela failure gets worst with higher RPMs.

I live close to austin, so having a hard time that someone can hook up to a computer to tell you what the code is.

Also, is is safe to run a lower rpms? Im hearing different things. What i have read, this is issue is common. but i dont see actual rootcause that's not mechanical failure. quirky?

2011 Etec 115
Model= E115HSKII

any guidance would help this old cajun out 😉


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There's only Transplanted Cajun's in Austin!  [biggrin]  Just kidding, and Welcome!

Your best bet is to get a Service Manual, EV Diagnostics sofware, and a connection cable from Barnacle Bill's.  856-785-9455 with the Model and Serial #'s in hand (that you have).

Any idea on Last Service, etc?  There are a host of things that should be checked or changed on an 8 year old V-4, including any impeller that's 3 or more years old.

I'm with you on the scary part - No dealers I'd trust within any reasonable distance, but stay the course, read up on here (and in that Service Manual), and it does start to come together.  Meanwhile, you have found the Right Place to get some help.



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