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On youTube I found a half-hour walk-around presentation of a custom aluminum-plate-fabricated 29-footer built by Wooldridge Boats of Seattle, Washington. While the presentation is quite interesting, about 25-minutes into the recording the builder begins to discuss the boat's propulsion: twin E-TEC G2 250-HP engines and an E-TEC 15-HP auxiliary. The link below will jump ahead in the feature to the portion discussing the engines:


This custom-designed, custom-build boat using E-TEC engines is a nice example of intelligent design for specific purposes.

At the end of the presentation, detailed performance information of the boat and engines is given.

Also demonstrated is the ability of the boat to get onto plane and run at 34-MPH on a single engine.

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Wooldridge is a great company and builds one heck of a boat.  We've been a Wooldridge dealer here at Boat Shop Ak since 2001 or so.  The history of Wooldridge boat company is also an interesting topic.  
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