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Hello everyone,

Wanted to get your opinion, I have a 2014 300etec that randomly started to run rough. We had been running at about 950 rpm for about an hour when it started to blip every 20 seconds or so. We started to head back, but then the missing became more evident. We tried to get onto plane and we made it, but belaboured. We got back, but it is clear something is wrong. The marinas that have diagnostic tools are closed today. Is there anything I can do on my own to troubleshoot? Icon gauges don't show anything abnormal. Normal temperature, maybe a little worst fuel economy.

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I just got done solving an issue on a 2007 etec250

Was a reed valve on cylinder 3

But could be plugs, coil, fuel pump, filters etc.

Mine never thru a code

2007 etec 250
1998 HS Vector 245
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