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Hey all, just joined. I have a 2008 90hp E-Tec. Wondering if anyone knows the trick to putting the starboard side lower cover back on? Came off easy and back on the first time with relative ease. The second time however, not so much. seems like it gets hung up somewhere about half way thru putting it on. It is not going back far enough to to land in the rubber grommets. Any help is greatly appreciated. BTW, this site is simply awesome.

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Check to make sure the front part is going over the steering arm and not catching the grounding cable under the front. A bit of grease on the rubber cones also helps.

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++ to Rick!  Also make sure that you haven't slid the grommet along any of the cables when the cover was off.  That might be tough to do, but depending on what was done... 

The grommet is in its "groove" on the cover when you're trying, or at least lining up?

You may already know, but Do Not pull the halves together with the screws.  Pull and squeeze them together before tightening any screws.  You will be crying if you don't.  [frown]


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Rick and Phil, thanks to both of you for responding. I will check to see if it is catching on the grounding cable. It is in the but still seems to miss the grommets by about 1/2 inch. I would never use the screws to pull it closed on anything, if it doesn't come together on its own, it aint together. Maybe I moved the cable grommet taking it off, I will check. Thank you both and and stay safe.
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