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Maybe not purely 150Ho related, but that's what I have, G2150HO, anyway....

Does anyone know what damage can be cause by putting in reverse too quickly?

First of all, the throttle/gear binnacle is way too light in my opinion, even if I have the screwes turned tightly. So it's easy to just move by mistake to much into gear and off...

So, today, doing maybe 25knots, suddenly I came into large waves, well, not scary large but I instinctively backed off very sharply.

My mistake (quick action, not panic, but too instinct driven) I pulled the throttle off without catution so I managed to get into reverse... well neutral in a second but a BANG could be heard.

I think, believe, but now the shock my be affecting, that even if I put forward on the boat didn't move... so I tilted up the motor fully, turned it off, back on again and everything was fine, but I'm sure it didn't move at first.

Still had about 30min home, so tested quick launches, popped onto plane as quickly as before, top speed not really any different, about 46-47knots, again, no difference.

So maybe it was my imagination that the prop didnt turn and moved the boat after the mistake, OR is it possible that something got damaged? The prop Hub plastic? No, but why would it be ok now when on my way home? 

Is there any protection in the EMM/Electronics against fools like me, that mistake get reverse on while probably still doing 10knots forward?

Should I be worried?

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"Is there any protection in the EMM/Electronics against fools like me, that mistake get reverse on while probably still doing 10knots forward?"

The EMM has approximately 1 second delay in neutral before it commands the shift actuator into reverse.  There aren't any programmed in protections to stop you from doing a fast shift into reverse from a high speed.  

If everything shifts ok after your incident, I'd not worry too much about it.   If you are concerned, change your lower unit oil and inspect for metal.  

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Olypopper is correct but to add the engine will also be allowed to slow and delay before shift occurs.
By chance what screw are you adjusting? The friction screw or the detent pressure screw?
The detent pressure adjustment is quite robust.
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