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My ETEC is new to me and I am shaking things down to understand the motor. Thanks for everyone's patience and help.

Serial No: 05282917 Model: E115DSLISF 03/2010

Motor was first sold in UK 27 March 2017 fitted to former owners boat that I recently bought. It had been serviced in February 2017 after 125 hrs use and just ahead of the 3-year warranty expiring.

I attach that service report. I note that showed no high temperature fault codes BUT it does state in the opening section Max Port Temp 176.7F and Starboard 207.9F. Service manual suggests those are very high normal Idle 160F +- 20F and WOT 120F  +- 20F It also says Operating Temp should not exceed 194F which clearly it already had.

So why didn't a fault code register and should the dealer have spotted and acted on this?

This is the largest UK BRP dealer and under my ownership and the boats first run since this service I have had fault code 69 23 times with those same high readings triggering the issue. See updated report.

I tried to speak to the dealer today but MD on holiday and they can't locate my engine serial number even though it's is on the sales receipt and the EV diag report and I spoke to them about it before to check what they did in Feb (plugs, fuel filters and gearbox oil).

This engine was 7 years old in Feb with 3 years of use from 2014 and as far as I can tell (I have asked dealer to confirm) the water pump is original. Surely the temps in that report should have led to its replacement?

Thoughts appreciated, or am I reading this wrong and making something out of nothing?

Be obliged if Huey/Steelhead you could point me the right way on this?

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As per your PM to me, if paint is all over the mounting bolts the gearcase has never been off. Those two reports are about 6 months apart and the latter one does show overheat codes. As I said in the PM I like to use the V6 water pump housing when servicing the V4's on boats that at semi-displacement speeds can get hot. Also PRV spring and of course thermos all control heat too. Most likely things like the VSt filter has never been serviced either, exhaust backpressure fitting and check the exhaust valve is not stuck. It does not have the latest software revision and I bet the control cables need some adjusting due to the code 11 warnings.

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Thanks Huey. Spares should arrive today and I will work through the cooling system and service and then raise the motor x2 holes before another full water test at sea.
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