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There have been some posts regarding using a remote oil tank for the G2s, but they were old and may or may not be relevant now.

Anyway,  I have twin 300 G2s on my boat. I burn nearly all the under cowling oil if I make a 250-300 mile run.  And taking the top cover off and refilling the oil bags when I am bouncing around offshore or it is raining is not something that I look forward to.

I thought that BRP made a 10 gallon or so remote oil tank that would feed twin engines but I could not find a reference to it anywhere.  Is there such an item?  If so, what is the part number(s) that I need to order.  If all I can get are two 3 gallon tanks what part number(s) do I need to order?

Is the installation of either of these tank(s) something that a DIY-er can do or do I need to have my dealer do it?  My dealer is usually backed up 2-3 weeks sometimes longer.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Pns are listed in the accessories parts catalog at

-5010829OIL TANK KIT- 1.8 G (6.8 L)

-5010830OIL TANK KIT- 3.0 G (13.6 L)

There is a 10 gallon tank that uses 2 pickups but it’s quite large and requires a deck fill and hose (like a fuel tank fill). Installation is more complex and is typically installed in new boat construction.

installation instructions Are included with the 1.8 and 3.0 tank, so yes DIYer can make the install.

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The G2 oil tanks are different than the G1 oil tanks in that they have an in tank pump that runs when needed to refill the on engine tank.
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