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Hi to all you E-TEC 75 owners, 

I have been running the same E-TEC 75 (E75DPLSO) since 2006
(a 2005 model with 7hrs running time, at the time of purchase, , bought with boat 'secondhand' from the dealer who supplied em new)

This rig has aged gracefully with me and the Etec has only failed to start once... (a couple of years back..relaunching after a paid for 'service' by a non Evinrude service centre!?!?... (that's an another story!)

Anyhow, the fuel leak!....
On Wed I did a 2hr short fishing trip  ....
Two short 5-10 min runs out and back in at WOT ........and pottering about on fishing grounds in low revs.... setting drifts etc.

Berthed ,switched off ,raised engine,... went to get hose for engine off flush thru/wash down.
As I was organising hose ... I noticed expanding fuel stain in harbour water under o/b... and then saw significant (e.g. equivalent to a 'carb' full) amount of fuel running out of back of engine between cowl & casing... and flowing thru boat scuppers into harbour!

Switched everything 'off'.. checked all was 'cool' !?!?!?
......and went back yesterday with a buddy to check it over (4 eyes are better than 2!)

Removed Cowl and unscrewed/removed air box (this was still holding some fuel inside )
I could see the fuel had run out of the lower of the two 'intakes' (with flaps) behind air box (... the flaps linked to /controlled by the throttle lever )

So, with extinguishers at the ready... cowl and air box removed, I lowered engine, primed bottle, and started it...

It started first time as usual and ticked over fine ... water flowing as normal... no sign of any fuel exiting the engine at any point????

Raised revs a few times in neutral... and by to idle... no fuel leak evident..... switched off ... raised/tilted engine ... waited ... no sign of fuel leak...
Repeated this process three/four times.. same result ... no fuel leak ?????

Just wondering if anyone has experience of the same/similar ??
Or if anyone can suggest an explanation???

I'm not a mechanic ... but wondered if 'something' might have jammed open yesterday releasing fuel sitting in engine.. and today on ignition... it all went back to 'normal' !?!?

Any thoughts will be gratefully received.



p.s. should have included.. engine was last serviced July 2016, by an authorised Evinrude service centre

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Check vent line from VST(should have no fuel in it) but if it is not leaking now hard to diagnose.

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Thanks Huey, will do.[thumb]

I figured from the number of views,and no replies was either something so obvious !?!?![sleep][sleep]

...or it was as puzzling to others as to me![confused]

Will post what I find

(Have also emailed local Evinrude dealer with my story... they are usually very helpful. Am awaiting reply)

cheers buddy


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As Huey said, it's most likely a sticking float in the VST allowing fuel to feed the block thru the vent hose, since the issue is intermittent. The vacuum fuel feed pump could be leaking but that should be a constant issue.

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Hi 'Huey' and 'rickmcd53'

Thanks for replies... sounds from his reply as if my local dealer is in the same ball park.....

"It sounds by the description of the fuel problem you had, the overflow float may have got stuck, the overflow leads into the air intake. It also appear that when you lowered the engine it may have corrected itself. We would recommend that this gets checked over by an engineer, as this could be a fire risk if it reoccurs".

Made me think about a post I read on here where a guy lifted and tilted his engine 'left' whilst fishing, and it caught fire! At the time I thought .. that fire needed fuel!

So set me wondering...if his VST float stuck, as mine sounds to have , then the large amount of venting fuel would have tracked down and around the 'hotter' left side of the engine! And ignited!
( I just lifted it , no tilt left or right.. and it poured straight down from manifold inlets and out of the bottom of the 'cooler' front of engine into boats engine well.... and out thru scuppers.

Just speculating??


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I can't see any of the engine components being hot enough to ignighted fuel.
About two months ago I delt with a 30 that leaked fuel out from where the fuel hose connected to the engine Everytime that the customer tilted it up when fishing. We could not duplicate the problem at the shop. We first spliced the fuel line directly to eliminate the quick connect. Leaked fuel again on an on water test. Tried removing the VST top and cleaning the float valve. Ended up having to replace the top of the VST with one from a unit that had a bad fuel pump. This was not a warranty repair.
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