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This is a new boat and engine purchase, but I’m still considering the TRAC+ midsection

Requesting opinions from G2 owners: If you're purchasing a new G2 I-3, and want to ensure reliability, and you plan to do much of your own maintenance, do you purchase a new G2 I-3 with DPS, or not?

The boat, being purchased from different dealer and separate from engine, will come with new conventional hydraulic steering.

It just seems I might be able to avoid known DPS issues by purchasing TRAC+ midsection in new 115HO or 140 I3 G2 models, and myself or any dealer would be able to work on low maintenance conventional external hydraulic steering, should it ever become an issue.

Does anyone have any photos of any G2 rigging with TRAC+ midsection using conventional external hydraulic steering, and another rigging photo of G2 with internal (non-DPS) hydraulic steering? Will non-DPS internal hydraulic steering be available in I3 model line?


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Any downside to my non-DPS purchase idea?

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I think in a single engine install your thought process has a lot of merit, especially in this horsepower class. 

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Based on the specification sheet from Evinrude for the three-cylinder E-TEC G2 140-HP engine, available at

and based on some earlier discussion, I believe that the MODEL designator now shows the steering arrangement according to

F = Dynamic power steering, integrated (or "DPS" or "iSteer DPS")
O = Integrated hydraulic steering (or "IHS")
P = External steering, either hydraulic or mechanical cable

I would then interpret the in-line three-cylinder E-TEC G2 model numbers as follows:

--if a F appears, the engine has dynamic power steering integrated, now called iSteer DPS

--if a P appear, the engine had no integrated steering and uses a conventional external steering actuator

Since no models appear with an "O" (for integrated hydraulic steering or IHS), I think there is NO choice for integrated hydraulic steering without the power steering option in these three-cylinder G2 engines.

As for whether or not to get the power steering (iSteer DPS), I would base that on the state of your present steering gear. If, as in PNWG2i3's  case, the boat under discussion is a new boat with presumably all-new hydraulic steering, and if the pre-rigged steering actuator cannot be deleted from the cost of the new boat, then getting a "P" model E-TEC G2 in-line three-cylinder engine without iSteer DPS may be a reasonable choice. 

If you do opt for the "F" model with iSteer DPS, just be sure the helm pump in the new boat is one listed as compatible with the integrated hydraulic power steering on the engine.

I have been steering a 225-HP E-TEC on a 24-foot boat without power steering for many years, and I never felt like there was a problem. Of course, once you go to power steering, you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

TNWG2i3's  comment about reliability and preference to be able to do his own service tends to favor a conventional external hydraulic steering rigging--a "P" model.

EV-Diagnostic cables are back in stock.


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Thank you all for your responses. Your expertise is much appreciated.
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