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I have a new 2105 ( demo) 300 E-Tec G2 2015 motor I bought this summer, and was going to add a control arm (linkage ) from my 15 hp merc to the 300 hp. I was told not to do that, and purchase a independent system for the trolling motor.
I have done a lot of research on the available systems on the market, and have narrowed it down to getting the I-Troll throttle control system. But for the steering system, I either have to link it with the Python steering unit, or the Panther T-5 unit. Python steering is linked with the I-Troll between the 2 companies (which is what I am pointing towards), however, I can also link I-Troll with the Panther T-5 system, but will have to modify the wiring to do it.
The various chat sites I have monitored show mixed reviews. Any professional people out there that may have experience with these 2 steering systems? Thanks Chris  

chris larocque
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