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Originally Posted by islanddrive
Took it out twice, noticed immediately, at no wake idle speed motoring, new prop increased boat speed dramatically.  I'm thinkin''this will be good [smile]", as I motor for about 4 minutes to the bouy that says no Wake.  With this new prop, I hook up the kill switch line JIC.  I left engine tilt at 2nd hole from the bottom as was as good as you could get for the stock prop and drove for a couple hours.  Came back a few days later went up another hole.  With just me/gear this works.............BUT a huge concern is the tiller.  Once I get up to 3/4 throttle and WOT, the tiller pulls hard & wants to turn the boat starboard immediately.  At full throttle it's very dangerous, it's  a two handed affair, not good.

The engine can be adjusted to mitigate the propeller P factor (propeller turning force) by making an adjustment to the trim tab. Move the trailing edge of the tab in the direction that the boat tends to turn. To starboard in your case. Make the adjustment at the boat speed and engine trim angle that you will typically use.

See page 69 in this owner's

The motor should also have a friction lock to prevent the motor from turning if and when you let go of the tiller handle. Which is never a good idea. Letting go of a tiller handle that is. Many moons ago I almost go thrown out of my tiller steered motor boat. At night. Learned a valuable lesson. Motors did not have kill switches back then.

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Couldn't imaging being thrown outta a tiller boat, OUCH!  I grew up on a lake, don't ever recollect any of my friends having this happen.  They were more concerned in the 50's and 60's about getting there ass beat by dad if ya damaged the boat in any way.  Tho I once did take off in an over propped boat and came down on a dinghy going directly into the sun.  Stupid/was a kid, never did that again almost killed the occupant.  Anywho, looked at my trim tab end it's about 1 o'clock to starboard already, I'll tweak it a little more.  It's a clockwise movement to get the tab tail more towards starboard.
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