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Bought a used 2007 etec motor last summer. Finally going to run boat soon and installing prop. Prop is a Michigan wheel apollo ss model. Hub is an interchange xhs ii.

I look at the parts listing under propeller hardware for the 115 motor on evinrudes site. Shows 4 setup options. On their interchange hub picture it shows no spacer/washer under the nut. The nut tightens right up against the brass body of the hub insert. I would think that would chew it up a bit when I crank it down. Kinda surprised it shows no washer. The xhs instructions show two install options and does show washers (says reuse Oem hardware).

So really what’s the best way to go here. I do have one of those stepped white plastic washers a new nut and cotter pin on hand. I could also order a brass washer if that’s better. Or just use the hardware evinrudes site shows.

I attached pics for reference.

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