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I just repowered with an E-TEC 115 H.O. WOT RPM was too high with the 17 pitch BRP Viper prop that came with the motor (hit rev limiter at 6,000). We switched it out for a 19 pitch Viper and it's right on the money at 5,800 RPM, which gives a top speed of about 38 mph (GPS). At 4,000 RPM I'm getting around 24 mph.

I'm generally happy with performance but my prop slip seems to be in the high 20's (assuming I'm calculating it correctly). Gear ratio is 2.00:1 (according to the website). Is this the most efficient prop for me or should I try something different? Or should I leave well-enough alone?

I posted over on E-Nation and they said, "The Viper series is good for speed but not the most efficient at cruising speeds. You may want to try a Rogue [same pitch]"

Model A115SHLAF

Serial 05492584

Thanks in advance!



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What is the last letter of your model number printed on the serial number sticker?  That can tell us what gear ratio your engine has. There are two types.
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Last letter is "F" (see full model # in original post).  This is from my dealer documentation and my BRP 'owner identification card.' I assume that's the whole thing, unless there's something different stamped on the motor itself.

I know it's the 20-inch version.


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Based on the label that's on the motor, the last letter is "I".

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