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I have raised my G2 twice now in an effort to increase the rpm at WOT. It was 5200 rpm from the dealer and it's now 5250, though sometimes it will briefly flash 5300. The engine is now as high as it will go. I guess I still need to get to 5400-5600?. I am not aware of any dealers around with loaner props. Which prop is most likely to work? Looking to keep the hole shot, general good performance, handling and reverse.

I can now see the AV plate though it is still difficult through all the spray. Should I buy the RX3 17, Rebel 17 or some other prop? The current prop is a Rebel 19.

G2 150 HO  C150FXHAB #05544909 Smoker Craft 182 Pro Mag

G2 150 HO C150FXHAB #05544909 Smoker Craft 182 Pro Mag

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Either RX3 or Rebel, very similar props in handling and type of boats they are designed for.

should be some very good deals on closeout Rebels, discontinued line and Evinrude is a dead horse.


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Good info on them being similar.  I have Rebel 17p on my twin 150 G2 HO powered rig.  I was thinking about trying RX3s, but since they are similar... I'll let it be.

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