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Yes, the EMM does prevent starter activation when RPM is above a given level. 400 RPM I believe.

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7 year old motors.  Used for trolling?

IF the fouled spark plugs were the primary cause of the difficult slow starts, it's time for a strong engine decarbon treatment and pulling the injectors to be set off for professional shop injector cleaning and spec testing.

Soak each cyl at TDC, plugs removed, with 4 oz of Evinrude Fuel System cleaner or Carbon Guard, repeat on each cyl with 15min>30min soak on each.  Let set overnight.
Blow out cyls with air compressor until all liquid is out, then spin motor with starter several times to finish blowing out liquids.

Small portable fuel tank with triple shock dose of E. Fuel System cleaner or Carbon Guard.
Same plugs, start motor and spray BRP E. Engine tuner in air intakes per can instructions.  Use all. Let set for several hours.  Then hit the water and run motor after warmup hard with mostly high rpm runs above 5000 rpms.  Burn 3>6 gallons of the triple cleaning gas. 

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Originally Posted by ElderSparky
Yes, the EMM does prevent starter activation when RPM is above a given level. 400 RPM I believe.

That seems very reasonable. My E-TEC engine can idle all day at 500-RPM. If the EMM wants to prevent me from trying to start the engine when it is already running at 500-RPM, then the threshold for the NO STARTER MOTOR CRANKING ALLOWED would have to be set below 500-RPM, and then be set far enough below 500-RPM that there wouldn't be much chance of a mistake.

I knew the ignition key starter circuit went through the EMM before it got to the solenoid, and now I see another reason why it does that. I believe that before energizing the starter motor solenoid, the EMM also delays very briefly to allow the EMM to get the barometer pressure or other data; now I see it also waits to check for crankcase rotation speed to see if the engine is already running. Apparently the NO STARTER MOTOR CRANKING will also shut off the starter during cranking if the engine rotation gets above ~400-RPM. Very crafty design that E-TEC EMM.

But what happens if there is a warm day, the battery is in great shape, and the starter motor really spins the flywheel very rapidly? I guess you get the problem under discussion here: the engine cranks so fast the EMM thinks it started, but because of the fouled spark plugs the engine has not really started yet.

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+1 to rick as soon as the minimal attempt by the engine to fire it shots the circuit to the starter, it happens to me all the time
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Elder, thanks for the verification, we are at the start of hunting season so I've been too busy to check reference material on the starter circuit.
JinH, When I remove all the spark plugs and spin an engine over to either blow water out or blow engine tuner out the EMM does not disable the starter relay corcuit, this indicates that the starter motor will not exceeded the programmed rpm threshold.
Many of the E-TEC engines "fire off" in less than 2 revolutions.
I have seen a number of "starting kicking out" complaints where experienced techs have replaced the starter drive due to "old school thinking" rather than diagnosing the root cause of "hard starting".

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Thanks guys, all good info. These engines have never been used for trolling. just running at 4000rpm 20 min per trip. Havent experienced a single sniffle from them until this, they run flawless.  I am under the impression that a loose ground somehow caused the starter gear to shear, then diagnosis turn over attempts just fouled the plugs
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