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Hi, am I first "member" from Europe? More specific I'm from Finland. I have 21 f fishingboat with 225 E-Tec.


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I'm John from Long Island NY. I have a 2003 proline 19 sport getting rigged with an e-tec 150. I'm happy to be part of a forum that will be void of the "e-tec hating" that I've seen on other forums. Glad to be part of this growing family of educated consumers. Tnanks JP
2003 proline 19 sport
2007 e-tec 150

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Hello, my name is Mike and today is my first day finding out about this site.  I hope to see it grow, as its nuce to have a place to talk to others without the bs..I am a frequent visitor of the hull truth and saw a thread there referencing this site.  I visit barnacle bills all the time and just watch the videos and the cam in the shop, what a great idea. Unfortunatly I didnt find them unti after I purchased my etec all the way in long island.  at least now I have a place I can trust that is local. 

Well, I've been boating for about 15 years, I dont claim to know it all, I love to fish abd spend time on the water, I'm sure we'll get to know each other better as time goes on.

Good luck, tight lines.


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Hi!! I'm Emmanuel, from Pembroke Pines, FL, west of Fort Lauderdale.
I have an 1981 Scarab Sport that I completly rehauled on 2007, with twin 0hs 2006 E-tecs 250HP without warranty that I got from some key west dealer flood insurance claim.

My boat was stolen and stripped appart on february this year, and I'm in the procces of starting over, since the perps let me have the hull (without console) and trailer back.

I'm defenitly going to rigg it back with another set of 2008 E-tecs 250HP, since I'm amazed with these engines technology...

Hope to be of any help.

This is what my boat used to look like...on the first picture is next to ScarabChris boat. Mine is the one with the T-top and his is the one with the arch.

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Hi all i am from the Uk racing a115 etec, getting about 63-64 mph from a 18 foot phantom (uk built boat) weighing about 575 kg. tunned rakers.
Few stability problems at the moment but with hard work i think i can win a race, as i did with the ficht. any help would be great to beat the stubborn old smoker runners!


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If you work in bad weather, you can play in it!


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Hi all. Name is Mike. Live in Philly. Boat out of Avalon, NJ. I have a 2301 Seaswirl with twin 150 E-TECs. Going on my third year and am very happy with engines. Can't wait to get back in water. Joe this site was an awesome idea!!!!

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Port E150DCXSUF 05154072
Starboard E150DPXSUC 05146998


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Ahoy, I'm Tony, I live in Portland, Or and enjoy the Pacific Northwest waters. My boat is an Arima Sea Ranger 2007 115DSLUC and I love it tremendously. It is my  5th John/Rude motor and Ive always been impressed with their performance. Naturally I was excited when E-TECs hit the scene. I'm just waiting till the portables come to town. I am using the new digital 3.5 I-Command which I'm starting to figure out it is too cool. Id like to extend a special Thanks to a lot of people (who I see have found this forum also), where would we all be without people like yourselves.

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07 115HP DSLUC


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Hi My name is Brad and I run a 1983 Padebco with a 07 Etec 200.  I bought the boat used and have had it for 15 years.  I love the hull so much I re-powered after running a 200 evinrude carburated two stroke on it for 12 years.  I use her to fish and boat with my family around the Casco Bay area of Southern Maine.

I am so happy with the new e-tech and my dealers service I mentioned to them in the fall of 06 that I would be glad to provide positive feed back to any new prospects if they wished.  I received a call a couple of weeks later asking if I would be interested in participating in a BRP infomercial filming about re-powers.  I had a great time with the film crew running around Portland Harbor one foggy Friday afternoon.  You can see the results on the BRP website under the re-power section.  Look for the grey hulled boat with the blue dodger and the guy with the camo hat on giving impromtu sound bites.  It has been great fun hearing from friends that I have not had contact in years saying they saw me on tv. 

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Hello everyone, my name is Steve I am from Portland, OR and am repowering my 25’ C-Dory with a 200hp E-Tec. Ran the boat for 8 years with a 115 Yamaha so am looking forward to see how the E-Tec will perform. Spend most of my boating time fishing for halibut and albacore off the Oregon coast.

Unfortunately I discovered some transom issues that are being repaired before the new motor can be mounted so will be getting a bit of a late start on the season.


Good to see this site taking off and have a venue dedicated to these motors.


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Hi, Pete Goodchild here from Kent Island Maryland - 2008 Dusky 203


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Hi my name is Bill and I'm a OMC/BRP-aholic     I have always run the Blue and White motors. I love to pick on them pesky Mercs and yamadogs also.  I currently have a 24 Lake and Bay backwater with a 250 Etec that really scoots out nicely. I do a lot of fishing here in Fl. I used to have a 90 Etec on a Egrets skiff that i was less then thrilled about, but so far the 250 is changing that impression. At least the 90 wasn't like the Ficht nightmares I still have lol

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Originally Posted by smiglet

Hello to everyone my name is carl i live in fowey cornwall i own a cap ferret 650 open sports boat with a 225 E-tec engine.It would be great to hear of more people who live and visit the Fowey estuary.  

Hi Carl
we are often In Fowey .
Our ususal launch is at saltash , or sometimes Loe when the tide is right for us .
is your boat the one I saw a while back at OSM waiting to be fitted up etc

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Hello all,

I am Pete Henning, 19 years and one more to go with the US Army.
I re-powerd my 1994 Alumacraft 185 SC with a 115 E-Tec last week.
Though I only have a couple of hours on it, the boat runs like a bat out of he!#.

I fish lake Ontario, Black River Bay, up state NY.  Tight Lines to all.

Thanks to Bill for setting up this site!

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Fish NY (Now in South Texas)
185 Alumacraft


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Found the site by checking in on the Blue Boy Stars and Stripes forum on the BBC. I repowered with a 250HO 12/13 /07, when my 04 225HO decided it didn't need #6 any more. BRP stepped up and got her back like new and I need to find her a new home. I'm presently experimenting with props for my 04 Tr21X and quite frankly am not used to the higher gear. Closing in with a 28 BravoI mod. by Mark Croxton, just need some smoother water to do some WOT runs.


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Just found this board. I'm from Connecticut.
Am going on season three with my E-TEC 90hp.
No problems.



• 2006 Maritime Skiff 1890 •
• 2006 90hp E-TEC •
Model #E90DSLSD
Ser #05132445
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