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Can anyone help me with a problem that I am having with a 2007 etec 250? It is having intermittent overheat alarms on both engines. Hot light on gauge, audible alarm and no S.A.F.E. mode. Stays on for 10 seconds and light stays on for about 30 and them off. No real rhyme or reason and its been intermittent between both engines.

I have not pulled the codes but I cant find an instance that gets lights, audible alarm and no S.A.F.E. mode. Any Ideas? Seems like a bad sensor or a ground or short problem.

2007 etec 250 model # E250DPZSUA    #05194111
2007 etec 250 model #E250DPZSUA     #05193747

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Sounds like an intermittent connection to ground of the SystemCheck wires between helm and engine.  Find the screw that was driven through the MWS cable

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ELDER recommends:

Find the screw that was driven through the MWS cable[.]

Now there is advice from someone with real-world experience with this sort of problem.

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Two engines intermittently on two different gauges. Is there a common component that I should be looking at? I'm not sure what a MWS cable is. I'm guessing that its the Harness form the engine.

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Yes that is the MWS cable is what you guessed. You do not have wing nuts on the batteries do you?

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No wing nuts. I have thought that I might have a bad ground on the boat though. Would that cause what I am describing?
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