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Originally Posted by steelhead
Have your dealer test the check valves feeding oil spit back through the reeds, from cylinder 2,4, 5 and 6 reed plates to top and bottom bearings
Metal reeds ran at high rpms above 5000 rpms much of the time do not seal out oil spit through as well as synthetic reeds.

High performance boat and motor, run it much above 5000 rpms?  Does it get a 3000 rpm or less rest and cool off for half hour before docking and tilting motor full up?

If the check valve are working, then try less tilt on storage.

Would love to see a 4stroke Yamaha V8 after it's been tilted up hot as far as a G2 (which it can't be) stored overnight.
Lots of raw oil in combustion chambers

Consider a power jack plate to raise the G2 higher out of the water without having to tilt as far.

I run the boat at 4 knots up a creek to get to my slip. This usually takes about 10 minutes and then I'll idle the boat for another 5-10 as I'm tying her up and preparing to wash her down.  Most of my running is really at idle and in the 3000-4500 range.  When wide open and trimmed up she'll turn 5800.

I would love to have a power jack plate but chose not to go that route because I do keep the boat in the water and don't relish trying to keep marine growth off all the intricate surfaces.

I appreciate the suggestion regarding check valve. Since I don't see any return line leaks I really didn't have anything left to look for.  Out of curiosity, where are the check valves?

I may bring the boat over to the dealer since I don't want to put her all back together without locating a source. I would like to get a few more days on the water before winter comes too!

Thanks for the feedback.

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