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Looks like XD 100 oil that is down in the gear case behind the prop. I removed the prop and found fishing line behind the thrust washer.. also since this has occurred the low oil alarm comes on and engine enters limp mode. Why would the 2 stroke oil be leaking from Down behind the prop?

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**** RULE #1 Here at Etecownersgroup ****

To better help you with correct answers to your questions, please include the complete model number of your motor so we know exactly what engine is being discussed.

As of 2012 there are no more calendar year designations for Evinrude outboards, everything is now related to model number - the same as with other manufacturers such as Mercury and Yamaha, etc. 

For parts and technical information we require the model number that is printed on the motor's serial number plate.

A serial number is helpful also to determine any mid-year changes that sometimes occur in production plus it is needed if the question pertains to anything warranty related.

Certain mid-year changes, updates, recalls, and service bulletins are also determined by engine serial number.

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