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It is possible the tank is cracked, especially if it is an original 2005. Those early models had a mfg issue and BRP replaced a lot under warranty.

However the timing is a little suspect since you did say you overfilled, and there may just be some residual XD100 left.

Replacing the tank is not hard. If it is a saltwater engine, you may break off a stainless bolt. Just live with it, as removal is PITA with the aluminum block.

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Boat is at the nearest Dealer now.  I am having my interval 300 hr service done while it is there.  I should have more to report in about two weeks.


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I much prefer my on engine tank / one less rigging point. And no space taken up on board.

I think I’ve filled it maybe two or three times over the three and almost a half seasons I’ve run it.

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