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2005 50 HP remote on pontoon.  Farina System Check tach.
At full speed, almost every trip, the waring buzzer and check engine light will come on.  In about 15 seconds, the buzzer will go off and about a minute later the light will go off.  This never happens at any other RPM. There is clearly nothing 'wrong' as the engine is running fine, never an issue.  This has been going on for 2 years and I've learned to just ignore it.
On my last time in the shop, they mentioned there were a number of voltage codes and just shrugged.
I would like to fix this if there is a relatively inexpensive fix.  By the way, may be related, at full throttle the tach is normally right at 5800-6000 but sometimes the needle will swing between 5000 and 6300 but the engine is running steady.  Could I have a bad tach?  This is my third Farina in three years.....


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An Engine History report would be nice to post on here.  Those voltage codes could be triggering the alarm?  Ask them to email you a copy and then post it up.

My Faria gauges have always been as great as they can be.  Not sure if voltage spikes could be frying yours?


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