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Hi guys
G1 2008 150

So a strange thing happened the other day before going out on the water rsn the engine at home and gave it a little fast idle but no response, I didn't think too much of it and just shrugged it off motor ran fine. Got to the ramp and launched her put in gear and proceeded to throttle up to 5kts however nothing... I had the control at full throttle but the engine only idled however you could hear the in duction sound so I know the butterflies were opening and closing when I tried. It was as if it was in safe mode however no check lights etc. Placed back into neutral lifted the fast idle and she throttled up. Put it back in gear and was then fine for the whole day.
I got home ran EvDiag and I could see 45mins into my trip I had what looks to be 3x code 11 TPS out of idle range. This wasnt from me starting the engine with the fast idle leaver up this was at 3500rpm crusing, there was power surging at this rpm roughly around the 45min mark however it cleared shortly after.
Any ideas on whats up?
Engine ran flawlessly for the whole day after the initial hicup

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Sounds like erroneous reading of the TPS, but could be an EMM misinterpretation. Use engine some more and if it reoccurs, try a new TPS sensor. 

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Check that your throttle roller has at least a 3/16" gap to the throttle lever.
With key on engine off you can move the throttle roller slowly by hand and watch the TPS voltage in EV5. .45 - .6 volts at idle up to 4 - 4.3 at open throttle.

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Can also be worn out binding too sharp bend no lube throttle cable or motor throttle mechanism not returning to idle position every-time from helm control.

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check throttle roller, and washer and adjust gap, check tsp and replace...your all good
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