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A few weeks I posted the issues I was having with the etec I had bought. It was recommended that I do the 300 hour service since the motor was due for one and the water pump wasn't working anyways. I bought everything from barnacle Bill's and the service Manual.. my Buddy and I install the water pump first and when we turned the motor on it was working.. today, I finished up installing everything and when I turned the motor on, the water pump the working, but I noticed that the engine was shaking a little, I figured it was normal but I don't know what typical for evinrudes. I was playing with the throttle a little and it just sounded off.. I thought I might be a misfire but I don't know.. so after while I noticed there was a slightly knocking sound from the lower unit. All the while the pump was working properly. I would rev the engine up and down and the knocking was persistent. Again, I don't know if this is normal. And it was only doing this when I put it in gear, forward or reverse. So I went to turn the motor on again and noticed the pump wasn't spitting out water. I gave it a little while but still no water. I'm wondering if I made a mistake installing that water pump, but I don't see how, we followed everything in the manual.

Any thoughts? And forgive the run ons and misspelled worded, I'm typing this from my phone.

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Revving in neutral is not something that is advisable and it only goes to about 1200RPM and then sounds off-normal. If it is not pumping water then you will need to remove gearcase again and check your work. With the gearcase off put a hose up the water tube and make sure water is flowing out the tell-tale-if so nothing wrong up top. The knocking sound could be because you missed/incorrectly lined up the screw in the shift-shaft connector.

i am guessing all this is done with boat in the water and not a flusher-because flushers are notorious for not selling well and then the WP sucks air and the impeller can quickly melt. Any time you are chasing a water pump problem  best to do in the water.
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