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June 2019

A  new hub kit is required for RX3, RX4, and G1 propellers with TBX hub because of propshaft differences in the 3-cylinder 1.9L E-TEC G2.  New TBX Hub Kit - P/N 5010529. It is included in the box with the new RX3 and RX4 props.

The new thrust washer inside diameter and taper is different than the existing V4 thrust washers and contains a line-cutter feature to protect the prop shaft seals.

The new RX3 props for the 1.9L G2  3-cylinder are 14-1/2" in diameter and available in 13 to 23" pitch  and 17 to 23" pitch in left-hand rotation.  The diameter is too large for existing V4 gearcases and the exhaust tube is too small to fit V6 gearcases.

The RX4 props for the 1.9L G2  3-cylinder are 14" in diameter and available in 18 to 26" pitch in right-hand rotation only. In theory they can fit the existing V4 gearcases with the V4 TBX hub but may not perform well as they were designed for the greater torque of the G2  3-cylinder engine.

If installing an existing TBX hub propeller such as a V4 sized Raker, Rogue, SSP, or Aluminum,
thrust Washer P/N 128805 MUST be used on the 1.9L 3-cylinder outboards.  Existing V4 props may not be as efficient as the new RX3 which is designed for the increased torque of the new G2 engines. 

The new RX3 props for the V6 G2 and G1 and earlier engines will replace the existing Rebel series and will need to use the appropriate TBX hubs for the motors on which they are installed.

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