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"The posted rpm is at the peak torque of the motor which is expressed in Nm. That is why the rpm varies."


Thank you for distilling the rather thick technical mumbo jumbo (in my sarcastic opinion IMSO) of the CARB / ICOMIA duty cycle attachment referenced in Huey's post above your reply... with your partial quote shown here. (No offense ment to Huey, though.)

The data is documented at peak torque as the reference point irregardless of RPM. Because that is the point where / when each engine is outputting its maximum averaged work load potential assuming typical / average loading conditions. (If I've worded this accurately.) This makes logical sense to me now. I thank you sir!

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Lakerider [smile]

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Man your boat would've been a weapon with twin G1 200 HOs. I'm looking at replacing my 200HO 2007 year, had one warranty issue ,bypass water pipe leaking which wrecked flywheel and ECU.In New Zealand gas costs $7.70 US gallon so it hurts filling up!That's why a super efficient engine is long awaited and true engineers know BRP are onto building this.
Also 12mpg trolling (1engine) Plus this engine is NEW, 650cc per pot is one big two stroke so as Huey says "the only engine that's going to out perform is the V6."Yes there is no substitute for CC but down here beer is cheaper than gas.

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Originally Posted by Daved
 but down here beer is cheaper than gas.

But don't forget, you only rent beer. [smile]

...possessing more tools than talent !

My sarcasm and my sincerity sound surprisingly similar !

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Originally Posted by Huey
The attached is the I-3 150HP emissions showing the CO of the new girl.

I notice the certification letter is dated November 19, 2018. If a guy were really following the California Air Resources Board applications, this would have given us about a 8-month earlier tip-off on these new engines.

Re Duty Cycle:

The applicable standard is "ICOMIA Standard No. 36-88, Marine Engine Duty Cycle." Finding the text of this document can be difficult. I believe:

The ICOMIA five mode cycle is as follows:

 Mode Engine RPM    Time  Torque Fraction

1      Idle         40%  0.000
2 40% of max 25% 0.253
3 60% of max 15% 0.465
4 80% of max 14% 0.716
5 max speed 6% 1.000

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