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Looks low to me.

As noted, get it on plane, boat loaded, trim to the optimum trim angle at your chosen cruise speed, and then look over the transom and see what is to be seen.

Might want it to look like this:

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Concidering the G2 likes to run higher than normal, you can even go up some.
I have my 150HO G1 on a Yamarin 5400 like this. No problems and prop bite is good even with a Viper.
IMG_1714 (1).jpg 


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You have jack plate, so leave it as it is.
If you get trouble with high seas in future, get a better propp or lower it then.

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Go run it.
ONLY picture that really matters is the antiventilation plate on plane above 4000 rpms.

2nd most important picture is wide mouthed E-TEC new G2 grin with bugs on teeth at WOT.  This is good also on a video.[biggrin]

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It’s a RX-4 propeller on, so it will have som grip i think.
Just need to do some work on the boat then it will be tested.
Hopfully there will be a big G2 grin on my face😬😬😬

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RX4 love to run high in the water, trim it out.

G2 grin is as good as it gets.  Ran a pair of G2 300s on a friend's boat this summer.  H.J.C.
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