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Hello all I have a Question. That may take a genius to figure out. I bought a used 2012 E75DPLINC. It came with 3 injectors all having Part Number 5008475. Well the top injector is bad. So I ordered a new one. It came and it has part number 5008474. I called Evinrude customer service to see if this was the correct part number. A very polite gentleman said that he shows no part for Evinrude having part number 5008475. He took awhile to dig and came up with nothing. Yet I look online and there are several things come up about Evinrude fuel injector part number 5008475. Well he did confirm that originally the part number was 5007147 which is the same as part number 5008474 (the new one I bought) which has now been replaced with part number 5008826, but that got me wondering are the ones that were on the motor when I bought it the correct ones. Is the 5007475 correct, or did the previous owner replace the fuel injectors with the wrong ones. I mean I could see one but all 3. They are all entered into the diagnostic software as the correct ones. I was under the assumption the EMM would not allow you to enter the wrong ones.  He recommended I call the local dealer. So I did call the local dealer and they told me they have never heard of either Evinrude part numbers 5007474 or 5007475. Well after he dug he said that he found something on part number 5007474 and it showed it as the same as 5008826. So I know it is ok to use. I still am trying to figure out about fuel injector part number 5007475. Is this an old part number of a fuel injector that is supposed to be on my motor. Is it correct. Like I said the Evinrude Diagnostic shows its serial number and checksum numbers being good, and the engine does run on those 2 cylinders. Not sure how good since the other cylinder does not run. Any help would be great in figuring this mystery out.

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The PN number on an injector tag is not an Evinrude part number. This is a number for use by the company that makes the injectors.
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