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Last summer (in Florida) I started to get the temp alarm going off on my 250HO (2010) when I ran above 4500 rpm & the gulf water temp pushed 90.  If I dropped the speed a bit, the alarm went away.  This spring, I put a new H2O pump in but when I went to start it I smelled gas.  Turns out I had a rust hole in the boat fuel/water separator as well as a hairline crack in the HP fuel pump.  I replaced both, but I just did the fuel pump, not the VST.  I also replaced the engine fuel/water separator.

Took the boat out, it ran great but still had the temp alarm at high speeds....   After a couple trips, a new problem started.  Sometimes on start up, the first time i'd give it throttle is would do nothing.  I have a morse control with separate gear/throttle levers.  After a couple 'pumps' of the throttle it would lunge & be fine.   On the way back in from that trip, I started getting an intermittent noise from the motor.  It was a few quick, intermittent knocks that sounded a bit like the knock when a car diesels or if you took a metal object & hit the motor with it.  It was not rod noise, this sounded like it was more on the outside of the engine, not coming from inside the case.

It would do this every minute or so, getting increasingly worse.  Eventually it would Ping/knock and the motor would do a very quick power down for a split second.  We got back to the dock & I called my mechanic.  He was booked for 4 weeks, but recommended a different shop that he said was really good with ETEC's.  I got it there a few days later & they called me asking when the tach went dead & all the lights came on.   It never did this for me.  He went thru & plugged a different tach directly into the EMM & same issue.  He even put a different EMM in & had the same problem.  He said he couldn't read the codes in that state.  Told me it needed a new engine harness & EMM.  Said the EMM was bad because there was no power to the tach, which meant the internal voltage regulator on the EMM was bad.

I didn't buy it & brought the boat home.  I started it up in the driveway & sure enough, no tach & all the lights were on.  I decided to give it some throttle to see how it sounded (it ran just fine) & that's when the throttle did that weird thing (that I forgot to tell the mechanic).  I played with it and after a couple attempts which included playing with the gear lever, the tach & lights all came to normal & it worked fine.

I contacted my mechanic & he was baffled.  Assuming the TPS was bad, that wouldn't explain the dead tach & lights on.  The cam & follower work fine on visual inspection.

The only other thing that is odd is batteries.  Last summer I put two new batteries in it & this spring they were both shot.  Fortunately they were under warranty so I just replaced both.  Something is definitely not right with this, any ideas???

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First thing, Never throttle up on a hose!  You are looking to do bad things if/when you do.

Sounds like an obvious 'wiring' problem, but hard to say via keyboard.  Hoping the experts will chime in for you.  There are also TPS tests in the Service Manual to double check that.


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