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OK, I have been chasing my tail trying to figure out my starboard motor issues. It all started with a "Knock sensor/ fuel delivery/ fuel quality" alarm. I heard some noise coming from my lower and I thought that was it. I changed out the spin on filter and plugs. Plugs were in pretty bad shape. No dice on fixing the issue. Now the motor wont even crank. It is definitely starving for fuel. Can some of the experts point me in the right direction?



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What do you mean by "won't crank"?  It won't 'spin', or it 'spins' but won't fire up?

I'd start by checking fuel delivery to the VST, especially if your plugs now look white and dry.  Is your lift pump doing it's job in keeping the VST full?  Fuel pressure and vacuum tests come to mind, along with Rick's "paper strip test" - a thin strip of stiff paper inserted into the spark plug hole(s) while trying to start.  Do they get a spray of fuel?

Meanwhile, a full Model and Serial number would possibly help, along with age and condition of the rest of your fuel delivery system.  Tanks, hoses, or any on-boat filter preventing fuel from getting to that engine?


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