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first of all, I own the E-Tec G2 HP 300 outboard,
after ran few years, the Tilt motor is damaged, no works anymore.
I bought another one from dealer and replace tilt motor by myself.
when no-load condition, the new tilt motor can raise up and down fully works well.
but when my boat going on the ocean, the tilt motor only able works, can't raise up due to payload.

I wonder, is this problem came from pumping oil (as enclose picture-3).
I am pumping oil from this side screw, but seem the inside of oil space is fill up around 50%, not fully complete for oil space, then due to air keep inside of oil space, cause Tilt Motor can't raise up when payload??

May someone give me some advise, is there any screws hole I can pumping oil in complete fully or should I check any other parts?
many thanks.

Best Sincerely,

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