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I've been thinking, but am I right or am I wrong... that I don't know 😉

On my boat with a 150G2HO, with a Raker HO '22, I regularly/always reach 5800-5850rpm on WOT regardless of head wind etc.

Doesn't it mean that I could (or even should) move up to a '24? 

Is there a rev limited on the G2 or is the 5850rpm what I max out on with current prop?

If rev limiter, maybe I could move to 24" and still do WOT at 5600rpm?

What is better? How would 50% throttle change? Top speed would probably increase 1-2knots?


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Your range is from 5000 to 6000, so propping to 5600 should be ok, although you are within range at precent.

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Due to the flat power curve of the G2 150 HO - flat meaning the power output Is the same from 4500 rpm to 6000 rpm you can prop anywhere in the specified wot range. If you prop up to a 24 pitch it can be predicted the WOT rpm will drop a little, speed might increase a little, acceleration will be a tad slower but the advantage is improvement in cruising fuel economy and efficiency. If your goal is accleration and you are pleased with what you have then leave the prop alone.
The engine protects itself if wot rpms go over 6200 rpm.
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