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What do members think those wing things that are attached to the lower cavitation plate to supposedly lift the stern quicker and also assist in a lumpy sea.
I feel they would lower top speed and increase fuel usage.

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If I was going to fit one to my boat, the Permatrim is the one to use. Fuel usage would be not noticeable and top speed maybe down slightly due to the stern lift pushing the bow down so more hull in the water, more friction.

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Also a mandatory safety feature that should be required on light short rear tiller hulls such as aluminum skiffs and small RIBs.  Holds the bow down, prevents flip overs from all the weight in the rear with a higher HP motor.
Would not allow teenagers to run a small light boat without one.

Large heavy boats, a real drag[biggrin]

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Hi NQ,
I fitted Nauticus Trim Tabs (instead of a foil) to my previous boat, 30 hp E-TEC, Stacer 399 Proline Angler, remote steer, 4 blade 10 X 12 SSP prop and they worked very well. The Nauticus trim tabs are cheap, adjustable and available from Whitworths (Australia)
I wrote it all up in this discussion
On my current boat, 25 hp E-TEC, Stacer 389 Territory Striker, tiller steer, same prop. I added ballast in the bow, 2 x 20Kg bag of sand, available from hardware store as “Play sand” and less than $10 a bag. Keeps the nose down and a better ride overall as the bow now cuts through the chop instead of over it. Lost a few mph top end but no noticeable loss of performance. Also overall handling is improved.

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With trim and tilt, they are a great addition. Both of my current boats have them as well as trim tabs on the bigger vessel. They do generate some drag which can be worse on small aluminium hulls with keels due to having to mount the engine lower so as to avoid ventilation issues caused by the keel during turns IMO but my own personal experience trends towards the improvement in ride and in some instances, fuel economy being worth the trade off. I run a Permatrim on my larger vessel and a stainless steel Solas version on my tinnie. They can exaggerate handling issues if the skipper isn't in tune with what is going on - giving the boat a boot full at full trim down as an example.
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