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I haven’t been on this forum for a couple years - but I continue to be extremely impressed with my 2008 115! Nearly 700 hours and nothing more than its normal 3 year maintenance intervals (ok - two new injectors within the first 20 hours)....

The feature I love the most is the dual alternators. I have alternator 2 hooked to a battery and then a MinnKota alternator charger that maintains my 24v tolling batteries. I very rarely ever need to charge my trolling batteries with this setup!

1989 Sea Nymph 195GLS
2008 E-tec 115
SN 05226273
13.25x15 Rogue
Hole 3, 43MPH @ 5950 RPM

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I've got the exact same engine. Definitely punches above its weight!
2007 20' NR Seahawk
E-Tec 115 HP
E-Tec 15HO

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Same engine, same year.
Very happy.


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Same engine. 2015 with aux charging kit.
Has been awesome!

2015 Lund Impact Sport 1775
2015 Evinrude-E115DGXAF

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My 2008 E tec   115hp has been a nightmare...  I've had to have the trim rebuilt.. Replaced the EMM last Spring... overheating at 85 hrs. , now the hot light is firing off after an indeterminate amount of time forcing me to shut down and restart.  May work the rest of the day or the alarm will go off five times ... a restart seems to reset the computer but the darn thing has me looking over my shoulder. Had to disconnect the cowling trim and tilt due to it lifting shorting out and  lifting the motor out of the water at speed...  I couldn't get it to go back down until after I had to be towed.   Total time on engine is probably right around
200 hrs.....  When it ran it ran great...  

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Model and serial number please..
What are you asking of this forum? Help with the overheat?

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