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All that WHITE and horsepower to go with it.


115 H.O.
140 HP  
150 HP  


Digital tiller
Digital side mount control
New RX3® propeller

Where's all the specs and numbers?

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Engine Type H.O. Inline 3-Cylinder E-TEC G2 D.I.

Bore x Stroke - in (mm) 3.85 x 3.25 (98 x 82.6)

Displacement - cu in (L) 114 (1.9)

Gear Ratio 2.08:1

Weights  390# - 115HO, 140   397# - 150

Full Throttle RPM Range 5000-6000 RPM

Starting Electric

Controls ICON II

Fuel Induction E-TEC Direct Injection with

stratified low RPM combustion mode

Alternator Output* Net Amps 14 idle / 22 wot

Trim Method Power Trim & Tilt

Trim Range -6° to 15°

Tilt Range 81°

Lubrication Multi-Point Targeted Oiling

Oil Tank Capacity - gal (L) 1.9 (7.2)

Recommended Oil XPS Marine XD100

Recommended Fuel 87 Octane

Warranty 5-Year Engine** / 5-Year Corrosion

Mounting Centers - Minimum 26” (660mm)

Color Customization Over 400 Color Panel Options

Integrated Features Dual Axis Rigging / iTrim

100% Global Emissions Compliant EPA 2013 / CARB 3 STAR / European Union

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thanks SH,

More balanced bore>stroke than the old 3 cyl's which were way overbore.  Should be a real toothy beast on hole shot and torque spinning a high pitch prop

Can't wait to get my hands on one in the water and hear it's WOT roar at 6000 rpms down the lake.  Modern outboards are too muted, sound engineers have done too good a job.

My closest 15 minute tow >dealer has dropped or been kicked out of Evinrude dealership.  Big multibrand dealer.  New to BRP Evinrude/only lasted 2 years?  Must not have cut the mustard on sales.  Had great service.  Long time Merc and Yamaha dealer and well known shop.

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I like the 397# for my flatback 24 proline!!

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Does anyone know the optimum WOT for these new G2 I3’s? Looks like it will likely be above the 5200 of the 60, 75, and 90 HP G1 I3’s
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I'd guess somewhere around 5,800?  From Seahorses spec list above - Full Throttle RPM Range 5000-6000 RPM.

Must be those new "balance weights".  [wink]


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Also much shorter stroke and larger bore than the old 3 cyl. G1s.  Closer to balanced bore>stroke motor, thus less crankshaft vibration.  Always been tough to design a 3 cyl without balance shaft for a high revving smooth low vibration motor.
The twin balance gears are an innovative way of solving the crank/motor vibration problem
Reason the V4s were such a popular motor, high revs 6000+ and smooth as a glass of wine balanced on the cowling.

Block production costs much lower in a 3 cyl and lower number of  expensive parts injectors spark coils.

Bet this G2 will sing all day at 6000 rpms.


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Originally Posted by PhilH12
I'd guess somewhere around 5,800?  From Seahorses spec list above - Full Throttle RPM Range 5000-6000 RPM.

Must be those new "balance weights".  [wink]


No optimum RPM is necessary. Like all other G2's, the power curve is vey flat. Prop between 5200 and 5800 and you are good to go. Propping to the high end gives best acceleration for the heavier boats, but with a small sacrifice in fuel burn. Propping to the bottom end slows acceleration a little but gives lowest fuel burn and best fuel efficiency.

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Originally Posted by steelhead

Also much shorter stroke and larger bore than the old 3 cyl. G1s. 


G1 3 cyl. bore X Stroke = 3.62" X 2.6". New G2 bore x Stroke - in (mm) 3.85 x 3.25 (98 x 82.6)!

New G2 3 cyl. has both bigger bore and longer stroke than the G1 3 cy. per Seahorses specs from above post #2??? I think you've got your... which one is "bigger's" (G1 or G2) mixed up!: -)

Best regards,
Lakerider [smile]

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Recommended Oil XPS Marine XD100

I understand the xd100 would be the preferred oil - or can other suitably grade oils able to be used?

I also saw on the 'boattest' review that the motors come with an under cowl 'spin-' on 10 micron fuel/water separator with a 'water in fuel' - another cool engineering inclusion.

I am assuming then that the 'in boat' fuel filters can now be done away with.



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Yes that is correct, just one of the many very cool features that most other brands if any offer. Still good practice to have a boat fitted one as well and the Racor style ones with the sight bowl at the base are the best. Also in the post by SH on battery charging, BRP show NET charging, that is the only real way but everyone else lists GROSS battery charging, they hide what it actually take to run the outboard and you will find no other engine on this class offers the electrical "grunt" to charge batteries like the new small guy G2.
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