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So I was offshore the other day and upon restart of my

2006 250 (E250DCXSDR) 05147363

I throw a 55 code (#5 open circuit)

I have read much of the previous post concerning this, and the trouble shooting methods.

I ran in with no problems, the engine ran fine, RPMs were good. What is happening with the injector with the open circuit?

My situation is such, I cant get to the boat for two weeks to trouble shoot. I guess I am thinking of just buying a new injector so when I get back Ill have it if I need it. Is it fair to say that it is a high percentage that the coil is bad more often than not and need replacing.


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With "limited time" to T-shoot, I'd agree with having a new injector in hand.

I surely wouldn't ignore the thorough checking of the harness and pins, etc. though.  Not much gained if you install and program the new injector only to find the same problem.  [frown]


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Completely agree with Phil.  Just went through the exact same Code 55 Open Injector code.  You can troubleshoot it in less than 30 minutes.  If you can have an injector in hand...if it is what is can test and replace entire thing in less than 2 hours.  EVDiagnostic software will help confirm things...and definitely needed if you replace the injector.
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