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Hi, I just picked up a new used 2018 115 and they have been running blue injector oil, i assume xd50, I run xd 100 in my current skiff. The dealer said a while back he recommends running the xd 50 setting while using xd100.
Any thoughts ?


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That's how the Commercial guys (some or many) run for long hard use.  Set to TC-W3, but run XD-100.  A bit extra oil usage that way, but the best protection.

Mine was set to XD-100 using XD-100 and I set mine back to TC-W3.  I'm just a "pleasure boater" but want the engine to last longer than I do.  [wink]

It does sound like your dealer knows what he's talking about.  [thumb]



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Hi Phil,
I would say or boat is a bit under powered, or heavier for the size. So maybe that would be better seeing how it is probably laboring more than a lighter skiff.
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