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Hi Team,

G1 2008 150

Ive bought a used 150 g1 2008 and 60hrs ago had its emm replaced by previous owner (dont know why) So thought I would calibrate the TPS and also do ignition timing as I have a feeling that when the new EMM was installed TPS and ignition timing were not set. TPS changed from 197 to 204 and ignition timing changed from 0 Timing Offset to now 1ATDC.

My question is when doing the timing EvDiags target was 8°btdc which I achieved and set however the report has a timing offset of 1ATDC....
Could this be due to me not correctly setting the pointer at TDC and being a °or two off or what the software target setting is does not reflect in the report?
just has me thinking Ive done it wrong some how...

Also could someone let me know if my current Emm Map software is the latest revision?


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Did you disconnect and reconnect to save a new report? If you didn’t, the reported timing shown will be prior to your change being made.

Set your TPS to the mean listed in the TPS calibration instructions shown in the diagnostics program.

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The offset value indicates the mechanical tolerances in the engine which cause a difference between piston TDC versus what the CPS indicates as TDC
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