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Recently repowered my Whaler with twin 250HO g2's with the idock option.  After reading the Idock operators manual it appears that Evinrude wants you to install a "mooring and trailing lock" that holds the motors centered when tilted up.  This boat stays in the water, never trailered,  and I would prefer not to go through this tedious install and removal each time.  They state that side panel damage can occur if not installed.  This tends to make me believe they slowly flop over and may hit each other as there is no tie bar.  Anyone have this issue?  Additionally is there any reason that i could not just turn them to the stop either right or left then tilt them up? Any insight would be appreciated.


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Yes you could turn the engines to the hard stop on either side

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Yes Mead is correct I have the same issue and my mechanic and the Evinrude tech said the same thing. Turn the motors all the way to one side or the other to prevent damage. I have had them for a month now without any issues.
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