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I have a certified dealer installed Icon Pro Tachometer ( only ) with my new ( 20 hour ) E90 DPXAFD. I don't use the data much and although I'm a novice I don't believe I've ever re-set anything  or such ?    I can't find the information I need in the User's Guide and I try to read first, ask questions later.

The hours on my home page don't match my first season hours under the trip data page ?

At one point the home page had 7.8 hours and the season ( also trip A )said 7.4 hours. Later it was 11.5 and 11.1. I thought it might have to do with when the dealer set it up or something and the 4/10s spread was holding constant. Now as I am putting her up for the winter I've noticed that the gap is larger. Today my home page shows 19.6 hours and my season hours under trip data shows 18.7 hours. Maybe it has to do with ignition time vrs. engine running time?

Why the difference ?


I should be done with questions soon.....darn newbies....thanks!

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If you haven’t read this already, it’ll help you understand the installation and use of your ICON gauge(s)

Re the discrepancy in hours, the EMM records “Key on” time and “Engine Running” time and they’re lots of reasons for Key On time to be more than Engine Run time. Most common being simply the Key got left on without the motor running.
I don’t know for sure but suspect your “home page” hours are “Key On” time and your season hours trip Data are your Engine run hours and the gap getting larger over the season is normal, as a season’s Key On time (Engine not running) has accumulated.
Currently I have 154 hours Engine Run time and 175 hours Key On time. My gap is large because I’ve spent a lot time with Key On with Engine Not running setting up a Digital Instrument Display.
Hope this helps

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