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I am running twin 300 G2s and my starboard arm is around 3/4 an inch further forward then my port arm at any given matching  rpm.I took the arm off and adjusted in back but it was way to much,Any way to adjust so both arms are close together at the same rpm?I know in the older cables I was able to adjust the throttle cables and get them really close together at any given matching rpm.

Also I have a set of QC8WEPI should I buy the QC8WEPIA ? Or can I still use the QC8WEPI? What is the differance?Thanks for any help.


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First question. What instruments do you have? We need to know what the individual throttle % is to understand the amount of load on each engine at a matching rpm. The first place to start is to understand the efficiency of each propeller. Your description of the handle alignment indicates the port propeller has more slip vs the starboard propeller. This means the port engine does not need as much throttle to reach the matching rpm - therefore the port handle does not move as far as the starboard handle.
Said another way - The more efficient a prop is, it has better grip in the water. The engine needs more throttle applied to reach the matching rpm.

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Anytime I have driven a twin G2 powered rig above docking speeds I have used the sync feature when driving, it is the easiest and best way in my opinion. The A plugs have internal changes to make them superior to the older non A plugs. 

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Is that normal on a boat to have one prop a little more efficient then the other?I am swinging the RX4s 15x20  I have a 31ft Ocean Master with a 10ft beam.
I am going to start using the sync feature.I do understand what you said Mead and thanks. Also thanks Huey.

Also Also I have a set of QC8WEPI should I buy the QC8WEPIA ? Or can I still use the QC8WEPI? What is the difference?Thanks for any help.

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The PIA's supposedly stay clean longer in slow trolling apps below 1500 rpms longer.
No reason not to run the PI's especially at the price.  My BMW plugs imported from Germany aren't as expensive.

All retail props are mass produced.  Left and right hand props from different moulds, lost wax casting, so there will be slight differences.  Close as a computer designed mold and computer laser scan and testing at end of assembly line can make them

Can send the props out to a high end prop shop for lab match and balance after high end polish.
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