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Hi All,
Re powering a new pair of 300 g2's.
Helm on the starboard side of the boat throttles operated by my left hand. 
Plan to move the trim switch to the starboard throttle lever but does anyone know a way of making the starboard throttle the master when in sync mode?
Would be really handy for my set up.
Thanks for you time.

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Let's see what Elder Sparky has to say.

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The design of the G2 control system is such that when sync mode is engaged, the port engine (and port control lever) become the master and starboard engine(s) become the slave.  The only case where the starboard lever would become the master control input is if the control head detected a fault within its system of the port lever.  In this case, engaging sync mode would result in the starboard lever becoming the master control.

There is no system design allowance to allow the controls to act as you desire; except during a failure condition of the port control lever.

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Cheers elder sparky, shame, was hoping it could be adjusted via dealer computer plug in. Perhaps if an evinrude programmer is reading it could be added as an option one day....

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Perhaps if an installer is reading they could learn to mount the controls for right handed operation, as is almost universal in boat rigging.
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Repowering and don't want to switch the helm position away from starboard.
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