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I have a 2009 200HO Evinrude Etec.  I just installed the i-command gauge and connected it to my engine.  When I turned on the key to the accessory position I get a buzzing sound.  I disconnected the NMEA 2000 cable from the engine and still get the buzzing sound everytime the key is turned to the accessory on position.  I even reconnected the NMEA 2000 connector to the original NMEA 2000 connector that went to the old harness and I still get the buzzing sound.  How do I get the buzzing sound to go away?  What have I done wrong?

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The buzzing sound is comming from the fuel pump.  I started squeazing the priming bulb and then the sound stopped.  It is repeatable.  I don't know when this started when I installed the I-command gauge.

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The HP fuel pump cycles everytime the key is turned on.

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Should have always done it - guessing you just never noticed before due to ambient noise - I know I never did until a post on here mentioned it and I payed particular attention to listen for it. Mine will run for a few seconds and then stops even without priming with the ball
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T-Payne--loved your song "I'm on a boat" on SNL
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jimh   Love the comment.


I noticed he noise was different after I made changes to my EMM.  Has anything changed with your EMM? Firmwear update? Did you plug into it at all?

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