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I have three I-Command gauges but one of them stopped working.  When it's powered up you can start scrolling through the screens and it will lock up.  Can't move between screens and the key has to be turned off and back on before it will work for a minute before locking up.  I suspect it may have gotten to much water on the buttons.  Just my guess.  I found someone who has old new stock at a decent price but it has the legacy gray/blue connector.  Can that be cut off and spliced with the new style connector and work?  


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Yes it should work but going back that far in software could cause it's own issues. I would be inclined to do a full system software update if they aren't running the latest versions or at least a system reset and reprogram. I had a similar situation when I changed from a Lowrance GPS to an older Garmin. Software update in the Garmin stopped the lock up of the I-command.
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You can obtain a field-installable DeviceNET Micro connector for about $20. The new connector could be installed onto the cable from the obsolete I-Command gauge. 

Exactly what software revision would reside in the old gauge is unknown. Also unknown is the possibility of applying a firmware updater patch to such an older gauge.

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